We abide by these priciples

  • We are, in regard to politics and religion, absolutely neutral.
  • We feel we are not obligated to the politics of any country or to any sponsor and are not the extended arm of diplomacy or of a religion. We are only obligated to our target group.
  • We do not proselytize.
  • Our collaboration is person-to-person, face-to-face.
  • Working in partnership, for us, means: we work in teams that consist of experienced professional specialists from both the donor and the guest countries.

Harmony among the work teams is of the greatest importance to us. Attitudes of superiority and arrogance among those from the donor countries toward their colleagues from the guest country are counterproductive, offensive, and will not be tolerated.

  • In no case is it permissible to work without a work permit or to try out insufficiently tested procedures. Persons without sufficient professional qualifications may not take part in aid missions.
  • The private initiators must always coordinate their efforts in conjunction with the governments, agencies and universities of the guest country. In this way the efforts of the private initiatives can align themselves meaningfully with the overall plan of the guest countries, and together they can find a niche in which the supporters can participate efficiently.
  • When a government determines that it no longer needs the help offered, the private initiative has reached its objective and will leave the country in friendship.

With tolerance, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness for the mistakes of others, we are looking everywhere in the world for like-minded people and will carry our ideas onward with them.

We are convinced that working together and not against one another must be the trend of the future.

The former prime minister and president of Israel, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shimon Peres once said about the Israeli-Palestinian peace activist Abie Nathan:

“A government always just wants things calm; that’s just how it is. But Abie showed us: Peace has to be achieved through people and not through governments. Through individuals and not through majorities.”

We too, as individuals, want to contribute to this.

Nuremberg, Oktober 10,  2014

Dr. Stefan Rohr, Munich,
Sebastian Feldmann, Nuremberg
Dr. Claus Macher, Nuremberg