An Ethical Affirmation

There are many smaller, private initiatives that, with much blood, weat and tears, work efficiently and dedicatedly in partnership for the development of disadvantaged countries and their societies. These smaller organizations often undeservedly remain unnoticed by the public. They do not have the huge administrative structure of the large organizations, but, despite their more modest financial means, they do have very notable successes.

The aid offered by large international organizations is most often too strongly stamped with self-interest, so that the support that actually comes to crisis regions is often only 20% of the donations. Additionally, in contrast to public, state-run initiatives, private initiatives are freer and can concentrate entirely on their target group and also their guest country.

The private initiatives listed here affirm their agreement with the basic idea of SCIMUS and that, in a developmental partnership, “manpower is more important than money power.”

These private initiatives are offered the opportunity to list themselves on this website without cost. In this way potential supporters and donors of material and money can more easily gain an overview of these smaller initiatives. If they so desire, the donors can make direct contact with these organizations. The sole condition is that the respective initiatives declare that their acceptance of and adherence to the ethical guiding principles of SCIMUS.

The website administrator accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the statements made by the initiatives.

The principles of SCIMUS arise out of many years experience in developmental partnerships in various countries.

SCIMUS has been written for organizations of all professional fields that advocate for the needy in all levels of society and for a balanced world.

SCIMUS knows that it might be a long time before the desired goals have been reached. But SCIMUS can give impetus, and those affirming its principles can serve as examples.